Paul Claudel, a French writer and poet recommands the parents in his Mémoire improvisés (Makeshift Memories) to encourage their children to take the optional maths classes including trigo and integral calculus at the end of their secondary or as mandatory classes at the junior college level.. Why do you believe that learning some mathematical sciences are important for a well rounded, humanistic education and to insure happiness and success in life, amirite?

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I totally agree with you and I underline the last part of your sentence, used in solutions to some interesting problems, Thanks for your reply!

We use more math in life than we would ever could imagine and it should be exciting and interesting. The question is how?
Daughter learned about percentages when she could tell me the price of sale item with
the markdown. She would get whole wardrobes due to knowing the percent off price.
That made us both happy.

Yes, of course.
Mathematics should indeed be studied, and not just in a rote, formalistic way (which tends to be quickly forgotten), but also as used in solutions to interesting practical problems.

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