The Corporate Media is Smearing Bernie Sanders . . . . Again.
He Scares the Establishment to Death

The NYT printed another attack Bernie Sanders article. It's absolutely amazing how far they will go in their attempts to crush him.
He scares the snot out of corporate democrats and republicans, in fact, corporate democrats would rather re-elect Trump than see Bernie in office.
Because it will put a major damper on the status quo. Something Trump was supposed to do but didn't. Bernie actually WILL drain the swamp and not restock it like Trump did.

This time they're actually attacking him for being against US backed death squads in Nicaragua. Go figure.Not only did they have to go all the way back to Reagan it's not quite the smear they intended. UFR

There is no other sane choice.
Any other choice is 4 more years of Trump although he may not make it through his first term however so far he seems to be above the law.