What is more important to develop in a human being : his intellect or his intuition? What is an insight according to Newman and Lonergan? amirite?

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But personally. I follow in the footsteps of Bergson who analyses dans l'Evolution créatrice the limits of the human intellect which splits the reality and always gives us an approximative and incomplete view of it to affirm the superiority of the intuition which is able to grasp the various elements of the reality as a whole as a Gestalt by an insight. I started studying the Lonergan's Insight and the Newman'sGrammar of the Assent where I can see intellect and intuiton united to apprehend thenew reality or the ens as ens as accurately as possible. I connive with you about the necessity of both but I think that intuiton is superior,

Two years ago, I immersed myself in the study of two books of Lonergan: Insight and Understanding and Being and I discovered a new modern Summa Theologica without the medieval scholastic apparatus. The Lonergan's works are huge and difficult to understand but they give us a new interpretation or comprehension of being. That's why we can call the whole of his works a transcendental Thomism He is also theologian( For a Method in Theology).He is considered as one of the greatest Catholic thinkers of the 20th century. He is venerated in Rome and in some philosohical circles he is looked as a successor Saint Thomas Aquinas!

I doubt that we'll see the fruition
Of Lonergal's putative mission: 
Transcendental Thomism,
As viewed through the prism
Of intellect plus intuition.
"Not only is the universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can  think."

   —variously attributed, notably Werner Heisenberg
But to answer your question, I think intellect is more important.  Intuition without intellect is superstition, albeit intellect without intuition is formalism.

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