Is anybody excited for iOS 13 like me?

24% Yes 76% No
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What's new in it?

@relativelyrite What's new in it?

A actual dark mode, speed improvements, and a bunch of other crap

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iOS isn’t the same as older iPhones and older iPads. iOS 13 will honestly be the savor. It’ll change things like reminders and add a new feature to screen time and also include a apparent feature to the health which will alert you if you’re blasting your music or whatever you’re listening to, to loudly.
It’ll also provide us all with a fully-functioning dark mode which I know that people have been craving for some reason.
Also it should speed up older devices......... yeah I’m so looking forwards to it.
Admit it.
We all need improvements to Apple and with this update, I say we have all the improvements we all have been asking for it and begging for.

@Whatupmyman6 A actual dark mode, speed improvements, and a bunch of other crap

I would be excited but I switched to Android. It's interesting to see what they come out with nonetheless

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Good for you, oh, good for you. This wasn’t necessarily directed at you so just relax.
Honestly if you wanna rage about iOS 13, take it somewhere else. Not here. I asked for your opinion- I didn’t ask for you to roast out Apple. But good try. But also I don’t care

You can disagree with me. But you’re doing more than share your opinion- you went and roasted apple. I never asked your opinion on Apple. And also I never said that I only like when people agree with me but it does make it less miserable because if you have nobody to agree with you- you look ridiculously stupid.
Also the part about Christmas didn’t really make any sense. Just saying, not hating

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