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That all mostly makes sense to me and I agree.

But, "robotic partisan haters" -- what are these? Do you mean people who hate robotic partisans? Or robotic people who hate partisans? Or robotic partisans who are haters?

Also, if the last, how can a robotic partisan be a hater? Aren't they a partisan?

Also, do they really give the same replies to every poll no matter what topic? How is that possible? I'd think the replies available would depend on the topic, wouldn't they? Do they just always pick "other" and then reply in a comment and go off on some tangent about their irrelevant idiosyncratic system of ethics, like they could see a poll on whether dogs or cats are better and then click "other" and comment on the poll saying "do unto others" or something? 'Cause I've seen people like that. People like that kind of make me chuckle sometimes.

Also, I agree that other polls like this are creative writing, and are typically pretty amusing, too. I also agree that "giving preemptive 'choices' helps them to just click on their anticipated answer and saves wear and tear on their keyboards." But... I can't really agree with both at the same time. After all, if the poll is indeed a creative writing piece illustrating a sarcastic point, then how can any of the preemptive choices given turn out to be the answer the reader wants to give? Particularly if the poll's reader is indeed unable to recognize the sarcasm.

In summary, I think what you said sounds quite reasonable, but also it confuses me.

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I do. That's clever. Lucky for me I don't have any friends or I might very well have turned out just the same.

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Yes, I suppose if someone is being racist, it does tend to be pretty obvious. Hardly any reason to bother pointing it out if you don't have anything more substantial to say about it.

Personally I get around that by making a point to have something more substantial to say about it in the first place. Namely, a problem-of-induction argument. Without conceding that the statistics presented by my opposition are true, I take the stance that even if we assume they're true, we can't jump to any conclusion about whatever portion of the sample population did not turn out to possess the traits tested for -- nor is it fair to assume, given any arbitrary member of that sample population, they do indeed happen to exhibit the traits, regardless of whatever the likelihood may be.

But that's just when someone seems to be making unkind assumptions about a demographic in the first place. Which I've certainly never seen you do. While I may not align with you politically, you seem level headed.

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I don't doubt it. You seem like someone who stands for what you believe is justice. That's more than can be said for many people -- ironically, especially the people with the most control over public opinion. Agreement on the principle that justice is good, is far more crucial than agreement on what exactly justice is, and yet it's far too often taken for granted. As long as we agree that the needs and dignity of people at large are important, I believe any contentions between us, on the matter of the means to protect those needs and dignity, can work themselves out over time and polite discourse.

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@jaime Yes, I suppose if someone is being racist, it does tend to be pretty obvious. Hardly any reason to bother pointing...

True racism happens when the perpetrator is ignorant to the fact that they committed an offence. It gets scary when people believe they are even righteous in their beliefs.

Polling can only be, to convince you of something, that you already don't believe in. To convince you of something your so sure of, but evidence needs to be brought to you, to show you, your error in thought. Polls are a visual barometer of how crazy your ideas are . They suggest that maybe it would be easier to change your mind then to change the majority. What is even more scary is that most polls are split down the middle 50/50... Leaving the large 49 % to be these rejected losers who were dumb and wrong.
Or maybe polling doesn't isolate you, maybe it reassures you with the warmth of being correct. Of being in agreement with everyone else... and that is beautiful.
But the more polls you take, eventually you'll find yourself on the losing perspective and you'll see... this is how it is. To fight a losing battle, maybe you were misinformed or you couldn't understand someone talking, but for some reason you dug your toes in for this fight. All for something that was bullshit.
You will ask yourself how could this happen. Then you realize maybe you should take less polls on subjects you have no first hand knowledge on. Maybe you should listen to the opinion of people directly concerned because at the root of all opinion polling is a serious problem, despite how at the top, it's just someone trying to CONvince you.

It doesn't matter to me at all, I rarely read all the answers to a poll anyway.

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I have a great sense of humor, but I just don't have time or take time to read them, especially when there are 5 or 6 of them. When I do a post, it's usually just a couple, I don't want to bore people.

More often not, the OP chosen answer choices I've seen are clearly intended to be a dig at certain people. While they may be amusing to some people, including me sometimes, the tone they set doesn't exactly inspire civil discussion.

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Good for you, and the OP. I'm glad that hate has never been anything but a brief flash of emotion for me, and has never come close to "clogging" my brain, either.

"Other" usually works just fine for me. :)

If I don't like the given choices I either select other or nothing at all. If I make a poll, I make my choices entertaining. I ain't here to get people to agree with everything I say...I like hearing other people's opinions and often value what they have to say.

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