The issue of who politics concern has come to overshadow the issue of what politics concern. This sensationalist treatment of politics in our modern culture is symptomatic of a broken electoral system. It's quite sad that there's no practical and peaceful means to take our governance into our own hands, elevate political platforms themselves above the private interests of the politicians who leverage them, and dispel the insidious perpetual illusion that the public interest is fractured into mutually exclusive "parties." If there were any such means, it would be a true path to world peace. amirite?

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Yup. In this sense, I suppose the public interest really is fractured. Not fractured between any distinct partitions, not in reality, but rather, fractured between people as a whole community and people as the selfish creatures we inherently are. Not a battle between good people and evil people, but a battle between the good in people and the evil in people, inside every individual person, and between people who win or lose that inner battle.

Politics are fine until politicians and donors show up. :)

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yeah like we shouldn't care that there is a spoiled white rich kid as president. The Government should maintain the same goals no matter whos the captain. Fuck the constitution everyone has out smarted that thing. We need to write a computer program to run the government. Can a computer run for president? I mean half of the government are inhuman robots already.
Why not just let a computer run them.

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