People who think political correctness infringes on their freedom of speech don't understand property rights. You have the right to say what you please, but not the right to say it where you please, because you don't even have the right to be where you please. If you want to rant about representational minorities all day, please feel free to go do it at a public park. Just because you're free to be rude doesn't mean privately owned businesses are under any obligation to provide a platform for that freedom. In this sense, it seems it's the left's turn to complain about trespassers.

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There's a word called tolerance, that most don't give a shit about anymore, if they ever did. ( no one cares I know I know )

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No, not just "minorities." Representational minorities. I was careful to phrase it that way, and I don't see why more people don't use that phrasing, seeing as there are many populational minorities who are not representational minorities and vice versa. I would say "hunkies" were also representational minorities. I don't see what them being white has to do with that.

Also, you may not want reparations for how your ancestors were treated, but if you haven't already gotten them, I think you deserve them. In fact, a great many representational minorities of different sorts need reparations. I'd go so far as to say the only people who don't need reparations for something, are the ten-or-so families who've carefully sidestepped the law, over the centuries, and thereby inflicted or overseen the harm in the first place for which so many reparations are rightfully owed, for the vast personal gain they now enjoy.

That no-longer-so-secret society now encourages us to take back the reparations from one another, each on the basis of the quality opposite that for which they were oppressed -- encouraging women to take reparations from men, encouraging blacks to take reparations from whites, and, I'm sure, if complaining about being descended from Central European immigrants who were forced to work in coal mines became popular enough, they'd encourage such people to seek reparations against people born in Pennsylvania and West Virginia or something. Anything to keep the blame off their own backs. "Shoot the messengers," they say -- "get back at the descendants of the hapless lackeys who carried out the job, they're the real oppressors" -- "pay no attention to the gents behind the curtain."

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It's "OK in society" because THEY (you know who I mean) are, for whatever reason, not interested in exploiting you to control public opinion. What they did to your ancestors was a hit and run. They didn't return to the scene of the crime to piss on the grave while pretending to cry on it. Which is exactly what they do to more commonly known representational minorities. They piss on the graves, point a finger to the nearest complementary representational majority, and cry fake tears while declaring "HE did it." In your case, they just quietly collected the spoils and left.

I'd imagine it's because what happened to your ancestors hits a little too close to home for "them." You were exploited not by any demographic, but directly by corporations. AKA "their" own arms and legs. To call out that exploitation, in an attempt to further exploit the resulting sentimentalism, would be to dig their own grave.

Don't you see what I'm driving at? The enemy is not ANY representational minority, nor ANY single complement thereof. The enemy is the small group of people making truckloads of cash by cajoling everyone on a daily basis into behaving like this.

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I'd imagine they would, if the left complained about their freedom of speech being violated by private institutions. But that's generally not the kind of irrational complaints the left makes. Not saying they don't make irrational complaints, just that this in particular is not the nature of them.

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You're saying the right could justifiably complain about the left complaining about their freedom of speech being supposedly violated by private institutions. I'm saying the left don't complain about their freedom of speech being supposedly violated by private institutions. How could the right justifiably complain about something being the case when that thing is not the case? Do we have the same definition of "justifiably"?

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