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You're exactly right. They seem to be OK with corruption and adultery, but if it was a Democrat, they would have him impeached by now.

I don't discuss my posts with cowards who are afraid to use their name, any body or SOMEBODY hehe smilie

I am hoping for Biden. He is seventy-seven but who cares? We are the only country who criticizes older people. I'm sorry, nothing against Mayor Pete or Sawell, but 37 and 38 is just a little too young.

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Thanks, always appreciate your comments. And you're right. I think the best thing is to beat him come 2020.

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I think Biden can beat him, but I'm hoping Eric Sawell comes up, he's a very smart young man.

I agree about Mayor Pete, a smart guy, but he won't win the primary.

Not sure about the arsonist person who said that. But I would have to agree, that's what Trump is doing. He's taking credit for not putting tariffs on Mexico when he had nothing to do with the negotiations....and Mexico, like N. Korea, won't keep their promise. So, in actuality, nothing was accomplished except a lot of huffing and puffing by the nut job in the White House.

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Oh no, he makes me so nervous, waving his hands around all the time.

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I found her to be very smart, and you're right, she is good looking.

My thoughts are, that you are fixated on Trump because you are forced to put up with something you didn't want. Also, regarding your list, you seem to have forgiven the former President for most of the things you are holding the current President accountable for.

As horrible and dictatorial as you say Trump is, it was Obama who locked up journalists.

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