The far right and the moderate left believe basically the same thing: that there's a corporate shadow government which now controls the media, the government, and the "free" market, and which, to achieve that control, has secretly perpetrated every socioeconomic injustice in the history of our country, and to some extent even farther back. The core difference is that the far right wants to call that corporate shadow government "the jews," wants to blame EVERY jewish person for its existence, and wants to blame the victims of those past injustices for being unconsenting coconspirators. amirite?

The moderate left, on the other hand, wants to call that corporate shadow government "the one percent." Many of them (but not I) want to blame EVERY rich person for its existence, and some of them (but not I) want to DEIFY the victims of past injustices. Meanwhile the far left is just angrily tossing around moderate left talking points out of context without any understanding of what they mean, like kids at a food fight, and the moderate right is just kind of standing there looking at all three of the others as one might look at a bunch of hooting, crapping baboons.

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