Congress has a 19% approval rating yet 95% get re-elected because Americans are idiots. amirite?

How do Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi get elected in the first place let alone re-elected? They're both despicable human beings and I'm using "human" in the loosest possible term.The same goes for most govt officials
How is it Barr and Mnuchin are not in jail but Julian Assange is?

People need to WAKE THE F*#K UP!!!
The time is now so get off your dead ass and vote the crooks out in 2020.
Justice Democrats are the only rational choice.
Don't buy into establishment propaganda.

90%Yeah You Are10%No Way
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I think there may be a change in the making. People like AOC and Bernie Sanders are proving it's possible to win without corporate donors although I agree reform is needed.
The only way I can see it working is publicly funded elections.
I would also prefer rank choice voting.

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I doubt AOC is interested in running for president but I'm sure glad she;s kicking ass in congress.She's one of the few who give me hope.

The biggest obstacle is Pelosi and the DNC
. If they screw Bernie again and run Biden it's another 4 years of Trump.

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