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Love those two, and I agree, nor did Chancellor or Mudd.

Yes, it has gotten to be more about who is reporting the news and not the news itself. The worse thing that could have happened to this world is 24 hour cable crap. And each side has their own tent to retreat to.

I remember, they had her running five points ahead, when in fact, she was probably running five points behind. They probably did that on purpose-anything for some nail-biting drama.

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Wait a minute. The media would be doing that to their "beloved, honest, and anointed Queen Hillary"? Seems like they wouldn't be, since they supposedly hate Trump because their gal lost, and all.

I agree Dru. Now he just said in an interview that it's OK to take dirt on his competitors from a foreign nation such as Russia or China. He's given these countries the green light to interfere in our elections again. He's not senile, he's insane and should be tried for treason.

I am sure farmers are clamouring for Amirite on their tractors. hehe smilie

And this is another thread with some of the text off the screen for me.iPad

That was pretty goofy, all right. Right up there with windmills cause cancer, and countless other ridiculous or downright awful things he's said.

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Apparently you were one of the lucky ones who was shielded from his insane ranting on Tuesday.

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RL, I have no idea what you see in Trump, but I do know that right-wing news doesn't report half of the crap that he says and does. Please don't be one of the ill-informed Fox viewers. biggrin smilie Glad you got that truck working.

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Hilary was a lousy candidate, no doubt about that, she needed to put more effort into her campaign. Although, it didn't help with the media over-reporting about her emails.

The media was much better in the past, before it became a big-profit ratings racket.