How am I supposed to handle this on my own? I'm 25, should be more than old enough to handle my own life, but I'm such an immature, sheltered, timid, lethargic person. Whether I should have still needed her to get by at this age or not, the fact is I did, and now she's gone. I don't understand what I'm supposed to do now. 25, no job, no house, no driver's license, no friends, living out of my gracious uncle's guest room until I finally finish school and get a job, but I'm so unreliable god knows how I'll ever hold one down. Or even get one without any connections. How can I proceed?

My arrangement to stay with my uncle was supposed to be temporary. He wasn't the one who decided that, I did. He's a very kind person and has made it clear he's willing to support me for as long as it takes, but I can't accept that, I need to get off his back and get out of here. Yet I'm so useless. And grief has only made that worse.