Journalism is dead. It's has now totally become either propaganda or an advertisement. Maybe I have become spoiled with being able to do research and come to my own conclusions but I no longer care about some over educated, under experienced, Politically correct point of view.
It scares me that the same people who should appreciate freedom of speech (American press) are the very ones destroying it by assuming that their judgement is flawless all while preaching ideologies more destructive then the imaginary injustices they seek to destroy. amirite?

Why are so many journalist stating their opinion how they feel and less about what happen.
We have now have come to the stage in technology where we can comment back on articles but it is very frustrating now when you cannot comment back almost like the opinion is "matter of fact".

But really lets not give to much credit to these professional journalist because at the end of the day all you need to report now is to have a phone and be there. otherwise why are you talking. amirite?

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I agree.

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@Will_Janitor I agree.

I often listen to CNN, to hear the unvarnished, true news. biggrin smilie

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It's not dead ... but I'd agree it's difficult to find independent, non-biased reporting.

I don't agree at all. The press gets it wrong sometimes but not usually. You've been listening to Trump diss the press because they report the truth about him, the words come out of his mouth, so that's not "fake news" as the president likes to say. Also, try listening to a news report other than Fox News.

@StarzAbove I don't agree at all. The press gets it wrong sometimes but not usually. You've been listening to Trump diss the...

It's not that the press gets it wrong. They just don't tell the whole story. They tell the parts that support their views on whatever the subject is. I am talking about all of the big network news companies. Fox, CNN, BBC, MSNBC, CBS, etc. People tend to watch or listen to the one that supports their own beliefs. I personally don't trust any of them for political news. They are more like reality shows than anything with informational value. As always JMHO.

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