If there is destined to be another U.S. Civil War which issue or which state will make it so?

5% This issue 28% This or these state(s) 67% Relax. There will not be another usCW
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I don't believe there will be another Civil War like the last one where there were basically 2 sides and most of the states were one side or the other with mostly organised armies. I do believe it is possible that armed conflicts could arise in different pockets of the country over many different issues. Basic lawlessness on the whole that I am sure the media will support one side on every issue.

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The right wing press is tossing around the idea of civil war if Trump is impeached.

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There is already a Cold Civil War going on in the USA...The Progressive, Alinsky-ite left has made sure of that, as it's all part of the road to fundamental transformation hell that Obama and Hillary have been so fond of (among many other career Progressive politicians)..Soros couldn't be happier.

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