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I don't like celebrating mine because it's a disaster every year. My friends thought it would be cute to throw a surprise party once. As soon as I figured it out I decided to get much I didn't know where I was hehe smilie

Although I've had several that were memorable in good or bad ways, my 5th birthday comes to mind. We had recently returned to the states after living in Germany, and my parents kindly stopped to buy me a cake on the way to our temporary quarters on the base. Before they went in to check things out, they told my brother and I to stay away from that cake.
The minute they were out of sight, my big brother started acting like a bull and lunging at me. I jumped over the front seat, slipped and kind of smushed the cake. Then my brother came up to look..and ended up smushing it some more. We both got spanked and ordered to bed. I remember like it was yesterday, lying there looking at my smushed cake...thinking how unfair life is. biggrin smilie

@JanHaskell Nuts! Sometimes you just can't win!

Sometimes you can't, for sure. That night over half a century ago, I definitely did feel that way. :)

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Aww that sounds like it was a sweet surprise

My 21st. A surprise birthday party where I was working.

@StarzAbove My 21st. A surprise birthday party where I was working.

Oh I bet that was a blast. My 21st I was sick and had pneumonia but I enjoy hearing stories of others experiences.

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Well glad ya had a nice visit

My sixteenth and 21st were the most fun .... my 70th was the biggest shock. Now that I'm past it, I'm trying to just appreciate my days. a smilie

JanHaskells avatar JanHaskell Ya know I want to share a few +3Reply

It was a lot of fun. And quite the surprise. lol

Sorry you were sick on your 21st, bummer.

A crumbled birthday cake on the floor, a broken bottle for a weapon.
Standing back to back with Billy, he had the cake knife.

Pretty sure that's how it went, I just turned 7.

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