What's the one dinner you'll never get sick of eating?

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Chile Rellenos ... as often as I can get them! yum smilie
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Once I like a certain food I never tire of eating it.

Call me a food trendy … I had a phase when I ate pounds of coleslaw, now I throw up.

Filet Mignon
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Quesadilla with diced tomatoes and onions, guacamole and hot sauce, salsa and sour cream.
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I know that’s 2, but then I realized that I might get sick of eating dead cow after a while. But I already posted the picture of yummy steak, so...

How can anyone eat one dinner over and over? You have to have one dinner then another and another and so on as time marches on into the infinite and beyond.

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Deep fried shrimp!

Chili Verde, rice and beans

angel farts

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Dinner - surf n turf
Diner - Ivanka Trump

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Frog eyebrows on toast.

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Chicken alfredo

Thanksgiving dinner and all the trimmings.

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