The Current Administration is, without a doubt, the Most Corrupt in US History. amirite?

The level of corruption in the Trump admin is so pervasive it makes the Gambino family look like boy scouts as
yet another scandal rears it's head over Trump's transportation secretary who just happens to be Mitch McConnell's wife.
Nepotism, thy name is republican
. Ordered by the SCOTUS to divest interests in the country's largest asphalt company and signing a pledge to do so, she never did. Every time infrastructure is mentioned her stock rises. Add to that she has appointed a personal liaison to fast track projects her husband wants to go to Kentucky and you have a typical Trump admin dept.

As if that isn't bad enough she recently used the federal govt to set up appointments with leaders in China for her family members looking to do business in China.

This is just one more page in the Trump corruption handbook. You can add it to his treasonous statement that if approached with information from a foreign country he would look at it just like he did in 2016

There seems to be no end to the illegal activities of the current WH and Pelosi needs to be replaced for her refusal to do anything about it.

With the new revelations of Trump's finances showing him to be, arguably, the worst businessman in the country one has to wonder if his support will fade. We know his connection to a pedophile human trafficker won't do it.

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Trump is far ,more politician than businessman although he's not good at either one..
Not all corruption requires a lot of effort or a "big a-brain".
The notion that it takes years to be politically corrupt is preposterous and while I'll grant you Trump isn't bright enough to do it well his base doesn't care. They accept what Trump says and ignore reality. Truth seems to be irrelevant in the world of alternative facts.

You realize a business is the epitome of tyrannical rule right?
Who said those who don't get caught are the most corrupt? I mean besides you.

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Oh you poor thing. Attacking me is all you've got isn't it?

I understand. You're trying to defend incompetence and corruption and that's not an easy thing to do. The mental gymnastics must wear you out

The hate is all on the right and Trump continually stokes it with derisive bullshit.
That's what his campaign chants are for. To stir the tribal blood.

I don't hate Trump. He's just not fit for office much less the Oval Office and I'm not angry.
Embarrassed amusement is more like it.

I think Bill and Hilary get that award. We still don't know the depth of their corruption.
The media exposes things that Trump didn't even think of yet.

You nailed it, urwutuis. He's a fool and a corrupt one at that. I just wonder how much longer he will have any supporters. What has always baffled me is his support from the Christians. They have turned a blind eye to all of his corruptness and tossed their religion out the window.

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Seriously? Trump lies to the public, on average, 7 times a day That's 7/365
Not Clinton, Nixon , Reagan, George HW, George W, even comes close to that, in fact, I don't know for sure but , I'd be willing to bet that combined they can't touch it. Anyone before that didn't have the means

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It is that. Kind of like real life scare tactics.

Collectively we have all failed as citizens to allow any amount of corruption in the government to cause any "stress " in our day to day lives.
All this argument of what biological , moral, and self identity is, is wasteful . I guess we all just want to look to the government to tell us witch one of us is right...
We are gonna do what we think is right in our hearts regardless of what law says. But we crave vindication so bad that we care about politics and look to them to prove us right? but really in the back of our minds we don't respect politicians anyway...

@unknowncondition Collectively we have all failed as citizens to allow any amount of corruption in the government to cause...

Your point is well taken which begs the question Does it have to be that way?
I think there are a few politicians recently who are seriously trying to change that and they're scaring the snot out the establishment. You can tell who they are because they get smeared by both sides
Justice dems are refusing corporate pac money. That's a major step in the right direction.
It's time the govt worked for the people instead of corporate donors and it seems to be gaining momentum. That's if it's possible to wake enough people up and get them out to vote.

Bernie has an anti-endorsement list. You can tell who has character by the enemies they make.
If Pelosi AND McConnell are against them they're aces in my book

Cumulatively, I don't doubt that.

Its the most reported on given the appearance that it is the worst

@Lil_Princess Its the most reported on given the appearance that it is the worst

No, it's reported on the most because it's the worst and it's far beyond mere appearance.

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