The Current Administration is, without a doubt, the Most Corrupt in US History. amirite?

The level of corruption in the Trump admin is so pervasive it makes the Gambino family look like boy scouts as
yet another scandal rears it's head over Trump's transportation secretary who just happens to be Mitch McConnell's wife.
Nepotism, thy name is republican
. Ordered by the SCOTUS to divest interests in the country's largest asphalt company and signing a pledge to do so, she never did. Every time infrastructure is mentioned her stock rises. Add to that she has appointed a personal liaison to fast track projects her husband wants to go to Kentucky and you have a typical Trump admin dept.

As if that isn't bad enough she recently used the federal govt to set up appointments with leaders in China for her family members looking to do business in China.

This is just one more page in the Trump corruption handbook. You can add it to his treasonous statement that if approached with information from a foreign country he would look at it just like he did in 2016

There seems to be no end to the illegal activities of the current WH and Pelosi needs to be replaced for her refusal to do anything about it.

With the new revelations of Trump's finances showing him to be, arguably, the worst businessman in the country one has to wonder if his support will fade. We know his connection to a pedophile human trafficker won't do it.