one book does not equal one movie, amirite?

Maybe you have better examples.... but I have just re watched The Hunger Games and it is a shame how some of the great details of the book were lost in the time frame of the movie. The first hunger games should have been it own trilogy … then the final two books it's own trilogy. The Hunger Games series is stuck between genre's in an attempt to please the rating system. When I first read the book I envisioned this dark violent world where blood squirts out of peoples necks when Katniss beheads someone with her bare breast out. Instead we were given the Nickelodeon version.

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I've gone ahead and just accepted, that seeing a movie based on a book I've read and liked a lot will be very different. I can usually just enjoy the movie now, without being bothered about all the nuances and details that are left out.

While Ready player one was great, the excitement I received from the book was incomparable. When I first read about the trailer stacks , I thought this will someday be real

No-it equals one movie then five terrible sequels.