What is your solution for homelessness? Should the government be handing out taxpayers money for downpayments on homes or pay rent for those who "don't want to work?", amirite?

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I agree with everything you said and I apologize if I made it sound like "all of them don't want to work." I was the words Cortez used in pushing a guaranteed basic income for all
Of course, some are homeless for things beyond their control but it looks more and more like there is a growing group who get their government checks and prefer to spend them on other things than housing. I don't blame them, I understand it. I am especially protective of our vets who have been terribly mistreated by our government. We are allowing others to come in and use our resources when we owe our own people so much.
I, too, was homeless in my teens and slept in a dorm until I could get a paycheck for a downpayment on a one room apartment. I had to make a donut last for three meals and that took my last nickel . I can appreciate your trials of homelessness more than you know.

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I, personally, know too many who do collect government checks and no, again, not all. I know a single guy (48) who is on state food stamps and they can't can't give him benefits fast enough. A lot of bragging on that going on. A minority woman has seven kids and makes it known how much help she gets. It is hard for those who have to pay for their own
housing, food and health insurance.
Perhaps my state is a lot easier with tax money than yours? Between the feds, the state and the local programs there are many who utilize the system in one way or another.
There appears to be very few in congress who even recognize reality let alone speak to it.

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The point is that the government is a contributor to homelessness through the funding of
entitlement programs. Monies have to be taken from working segments of society and when those people can no longer pay those taxes, such as property taxes, are they part of the homeless society?

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Second time today I've had this conversation. So, does government contribute to homelessness?

I would say more people live in homes who don't actually work. So I think it's the frustration of working 60 hour weeks serving people who don't work at all then watch them go to their huge mansions… the same people who say you should work harder then your 60 hour week. These people see the excess and the waste and ask is it too much to ask for this little corner of sidewalk??? Yes it is.. these people you see begging a the stop lights aren't the homeless anyway just beggars..those that chose to be homeless and are successful you hardly notice. So I don't think it's all drugs and no discipline.. some want something other then what modern society offers , mostly adventure but at least options and this lack of lifestyle options is what drives the extremes of homelessness.

I think it should not be governments responsibility but every civilian should demand some sort of minimum standard of living is guarantied for each human being .
Maybe like dorm room style apartments... if you provide your own home you get tax equivalate. But yes you will have to pay to get these mostly mentally unhealthy people off the streets. I'd rather see my taxes go to that then the nothing they do right now.

I read an scientific article that said it's unnatural for a human being to want to work 40 hours a week... and that because we are doing so we are causing unnecessary harm to ourselves pushing ourselves harder to work longer hours and it's lowering our lifespans

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