Who are you closest to?

(Yes, I know that a relative or a significant other could also be classified as "a friend". That option is meant for friends who are neither a relative nor a significant other.)

55% A relative 14% A significant other 7% A friend 0% Other 24% Yourself
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6 7

My husband.

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hah, I forgot to include "yourself" as an option. :D

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Edited it in by popular demand. :D

(I hadn't even realized you could now just edit it! Convenient!)

My father. Although I have friends I am close to also, and another relative, he is both my "friend" and my last remaining immediate family member.

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I have two people that I am extremely close to that know every bit of my life. While some days I want to choke both of em, I can't picture my life without em.

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