It's National Hot Dog Day! Where's your favorite spot to grab a dog? 🌭

9% Sonic Drive-In 9% Sam's Club, Nathan's Hot Dog 6% Stars Drive Ins 76% other
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At home...I like Kimchi on mine.
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I don’t usually buy hot dogs. When my mom makes them, I eat them. But my brother made some in March and I didn’t eat one because I was waiting for the steak he was making. But I saw a little piece that fell off into the platter and I ate it and it was the best tasting hot dog I had ever had. I don’t know what made it so good. The steak was really good, but I found myself regretting not eating a full hotdog. I had a sonic hotdog once. It was good. I don’t remember Nathan’s hotdog as much as I remember their fries with cheese sauce. Hotdog!

At home .... with lots of kraut. a smilie

Home or at the beach. We take our hot dog roller along and eat hot dogs all week long. They seem to taste so much better by the ocean.