Does organic just mean growing things the way our grandparents or ancestors grew things only now you need all kinds of permits. Just another way to take your money. amirite?

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These "get off my lawn" posts are easily the most enjoyable.

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Not necessarily. People were certainly using pesticides in my grandparents day, just as they are now. I'm not aware of people usually needing a permit to grow things "organic" on their own property, unless they are marketing it for sale as "organic".

Certainly though, all the seemingly nonsensical things we do need permits for these days is a way for somebody besides us to make money.

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You are right, of course. I live in an area that have a lot of plain people who farm the way it's been done for hundred of years. They can't market their chicken eggs, at their roadside stands, as organic because they aren't certified by the government. All their produce is organic but is not allowed to sold as such.

I could't agree with you more.

I didn't know ya needed fancy permits to grow things in the dirt.

Honestly without that bit of knowledge I think you are right.

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