It feels like HOA's are controlling small towns these days.
I just paid almost $200.00 to put a kiddie pool in the back yard. Let me correct that, zoning says it can't be in a designated yard and yards are now known as setbacks. It couldn't be up against the fence because of setbacks requirements.
We are in a major heatwave and they want drawings for a pool. Zoning and code people had to be involved. We got "permission" to put it up in the driveway and got the permit. The code guy in the neighborhood doesn't have to abide by the rules but at least the kids got to play in the pool today. amirite?

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home owners association can kiss my ass... mind you own yard please


I wouldn't either but the codes were changed a few years ago and that's how we got a universal HOA.

wow I would think the back yard is more appropriate … its bullshit for a home owner

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