For the crime of impregnating a woman who doesn't love you, society will enslave you and try to starve you. Working 40 hours a week just to stay out of jail and be homeless, it's no wonder that so many divorces end with the father just killing everyone. amirite?!

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it does seem to be a contradiction… we trust people with the right to make the decision to have sex but both sides point the finger when intercourse is complete... sex makes babies... both parents look dumb when they act surprised and clearly aren't ready for the responsibility of human raising.... so Im my opinion both parents should pay money to some kind of kids charity where the kids live and to avoid damage from these clueless parents, the parents are limited to visiting every other weekend.
sex is for making babies ...unless you do it right

@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred That won't work as soon as government tries to care for kids they have a bad life. But hey you play you pay.

great parents are the exception … other wise we are average … I really hate saying this but a government day care sounds like a good thing … I always heard it takes a village to raise a child.. the more and more I age the more I see it's true

@unknowncondition great parents are the exception … other wise we are average … I really hate saying this but a government day...

Daycare would be good for the people with children, I don't have any so it bugs me my tax dollars are spent on things like that and schools. Double taxes on the people who make kids might help cut down instead of tax cuts for them.

@unknowncondition I agree... but it's not fair for a child to be disadvantaged because of their dead beat parents

Sure but it isn't my responsibility to pay for people who can't take care of themselves let alone their own rotten kids. That is why I think the moment you take welfare or food stamps you need to be spade or neutered.

@unknowncondition hehe at least must pass a drug test

good idea especially if tobacco is on the list of forbidden drugs. People say they have no money but always have a butt in their mouth and booze in the freezer. I know because unhappily I rented a house to some of them. Bad parenting to the maxx

you ok dude? need to talk to someone?

Well that is a load of fooking bullshit...

It's not an innocent child fault the dude couldn't keep his dick in his pants.

Another thing...not everyone that pays child support is a man...I pay 600 a month as a mother.

Any man that thinks that way isn't a man in my opinion. Ya created a life ya need to own that shit

Any possible unfairness concerning a man impregnating a women in any circumstance aside, it is still most definitely a "wonder" that anyone would kill anyone else because of their frustration.

The media is to blame not society because of advetising $

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