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but it's my fault I'm irrational...

LOL...no I'm not frightened. This is a bunch of nonsense. Fear of living near power lines is nothing new. In fact it's one of the best known and most persistent fake conspiracy theories. It's right up there with Area 51, chem trails, the "faked" moon landing, flat Earth theory, the anti-vaxer movement. and the assassination of JFK.

Let's look at the facts.

In 1996 the World Health Organization launched the International EMF Project, a large multidisciplinary research effort. This was in response to growing concerns about the possible risks to public health from increased exposure to electromagnetic fields. For over twenty years it has continuously brought together all current knowledge (research, published studies etc...) and the resources of key national and international scientific institutions. To date it has reviewed over 25,000 articles and papers published in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals about the biological risks to humans exposed to EMFs from cell-phones, microwave ovens, computer and TV screens, and power lines. (As a result scientific knowledge about EMFs in now more extensive than for most chemicals!) Their conclusion? To date there is no scientific evidence to confirm the existence of any biological harm from exposure to EMFs. That includes everything listed on the EMF Academy site...brain cancer, infertility, childhood cancers, heart disease, anxiety, severe depression, and muscle aches as well as cataracts and complications during pregnancy (low birth weight, malformations, congenital disease, and spontaneous abortion.) You will find the same information on every reputable site including the American Cancer Institute site,

Now, at the risk of droning on far too long I have to say that this is a perfect example of why it matters where we get information. After following the link and reading the article you posted, I went to two other sites. The first was the World Health Organization site. WHO is overseen by the World Health Assembly, made up of delegates from all member countries, and an executive board which has thirty elected members. The second site was Sciencebasedmedicine.org. That site was founded and is run by Dr. Steven Novella, an academic and clinical neurologist at the Yale School of Medicine. The managing editor is a MD, a Phd, and a surgical oncologist specializing in breast cancer. Other editors and contributors include a specialist in infectious disease, an anesthesiologist, the first female graduate of the Air Force family practice residency, a lawyer who once served as the Assistant Attorney General for the state of Florida, and an RPhd who works with the Canadian government and medical associations evaluating new cancer drugs and cancer therapies. All the information on both sites came from reputable sources and was thoroughly and clearly documented with footnotes and links.

By contrast, the information in this post came from the EMF Academy a site founded by some guy named Christian. According to Christian's biography one night he read a scary article on Facebook about the danger electromagnetic fields pose to our health. After that his "obsessive personality" took over and he read "dozens more". All that reading convinced him "this was utterly important" and so he started the EMF Academy which he claims is now "one of the premier sources for EMF safety information. What he doesn't mention, besides his last name and any meaningful qualifications he may possess, is the fact that his site is part of an Amazon program that pays fees to sites that advertise for and link to Amazon.com. It is also compensated for referring traffic and business to Clickbank, Share-a-sale, and other businesses. That makes perfect sense since the whole site is really nothing more than one big advertisment for products Christian insists we need to survive deadly power lines! Product recommendations, buyer guides, product reviews...and at the bottom is "You might also like" just like Target. Hell, right in the middle of the article he actually wrote that one of the best ways to protect your family is by buying an EMF meter. "I would suggest picking up the new TriField TF2 (read my review). Seems clear to me. Christian is a con-man using fear to sell snake oil to uninformed people.

@Chris_the_Demon LOL...no I'm not frightened. This is a bunch of nonsense. Fear of living near power lines is nothing new. In fact...

I know we need the protection of a faraday cage from even home microwaves and just the audible hum from to close powerlines give me a headache... Thank you for the education but i'll trust my instincts on this one. ….talk about selling things, big business "think tanks" like the one this Dr. is getting money from is the same reason I don't trust their data... they have so much to lose

It's always something that's trying to kill ya. :)

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