Trump Cuts Food Stamps and Increases Military Spending (again) With Record Deficit
One More Promise Trump isn't Going to Keep amirite?

Of course he's sidestepping congress. Will the money go to increasing salaries for soldiers? Hell no. It goes to bloated military contractors who already have more money than they know what to do with especially after the Trump tax cuts
of which 85% went to the top 1%.
This is literally stealing from the poor to give to the rich.
Republicans and corporate dems get more disgusting by the day.

We never have money to help the American people but we always have plenty to fatten the rich.

Anyone who continues to support Trump and the most corrupt administration in US history needs to have their head examined.

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What can you expect from the most corrupt president in our history. He doesn't care about the American people, only about his rich pals to make them richer.

We now have a buffoon as PM over here-and we didn't get to elect him!

I heard that talking teddy bear Ted was running...so there is that to look forward to

I need to have my head examined.
Don't like the deficit and debt, but I didn't like it under Obama nor Bush either.
Nor, did I like Obama's choices of where to spend and cut.
But, I do somewhat like Trump's choices.
Also like his tax cuts and I ain't rich.
And I will vote for him again.
If he isn't re-elected, then so be it.
But, he will get my vote as he did in 2016.
As I recall with Bush's tax cuts, his political opposition and its supportive media claimed Bush's tax cuts were only for the rich.
Then, after Obama took office and legislative vote was held to repeal the Bush tax cuts, the final decision was to repeal ONLY those for the rich, but KEEP the middle's tax cuts that were part of the Bush tax cut.
But, but, but, how could there have been middle tax cuts to KEEP when the same Democrat politicians and supporting media had repeatedly stated there NEVER WERE ANY in the first place?
Truth is there were always middle class Bush tax cuts. And middle class tax cuts are there as well in Trump's tax plan. Always have been.

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Get a job, urwutuis and stop sponging

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@Get a job, urwutuis and stop sponging

Nice try
I've been in business since 1988 and currently employ 9 people.
Not everyone is as callous and self absorbed as Trumpsters

@urwutuis Nice try I've been in business since 1988 and currently employ 9 people. Not everyone is as callous and self...

How many employees did you start out with besides yourself as the self-employed owner?

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trump created plenty of jobs so just go get one. simple

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Most corrupt administration?....Not hardly.
But, after witnessing Mueller in front of the HOR, I'm convinced any historical corruption relative to government will be laid on the Obama admin and on Hillary, maybe even Mueller...CERTAINLY the obvious anti-Trump faction of the HOR, and the lack of charging professor Mifsud for lying x 3 to the FBI.
Glad Mueller agreed to this, as it has made FOOLS of Mueller and of the Democrat-led circus.

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You are so right.

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