In the Lion King, maybe Scar wouldn't have been such a bad dude if his damn parents hadn't named him "Scar". amirite!?

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No, I don't think a given name can make anyone "bad".

You might be on to something. Names are very important.

Same as scarface

He wasn't called Scar. He recieved that as nickname after he got his eye scar. I don't remember his real name but his real name wasn't Scar

Who said he was named that way from birth?

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i think it had more to do with his lust for power and wealth, but that's JMHO

A name doesn't determine ones actions...I have been called Princess most of my life and let me tell ya I have moments where I am anything but a princess wary smilie

Yea.... then they would have to change the script.

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