Why does the system want to educate us so bad... 13 years of schooling and I absolutely do not use any of that knowledge in my physically active job... Plus most of the huge business success stories are from people dropping out of school and becoming productive instead of wasting time in lecture. amirite?

also everyone is different ...why a standard score level... to me it seems like a waste of time to force MIke Tyson to learn chemistry...

If you didn't enjoy school and hated siting still while your muscles were developing you may have a different view a school . My view of school is like a devout Jewish person being forced to memorize the Bible, forcing this crap that I want nothing to do it with...if I need to spell or do math I pay someone to do it for me the same way i'm asked to get things off the top shelf because i'm taller..

The more I think about it I think school is just a confidence builder for the people who want to conform... leaving the free thinkers looking stupid compared to the mindless obedient

80%Yeah You Are20%No Way
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To sum up... If i'm so dumb now … I guess it was pointless

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