would you like to be as smart as those smarter than you? amirite?

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Smart is a tricky word. Intelligence is even trickier. I’d like to see those two words in a chess match. I don’t know how to play chess, nor will I ever try. I think that makes me smart.

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My brother had a blueprint of his dream house when he was 15 years old. He became a construction worker when he was a teen. He had a dream of becoming a contractor. He made that dream come true when he was in his 40’s.
He built that house. Most beautiful house I’ve ever seen. He eventually had to sell it bc he couldn’t afford it. Broke my heart, and I’m sure his. I hate to write this, but he’s always been known as the least “intelligent” of the siblings. But, to me, how the F do you draw out a blueprint when your 15 years old and make that come true? That, to me, encompasses smart and intelligence. I admire him for that, and so much more. He’s also the kindest person I’ve ever known. He sure doesn’t show it, but I’ve seen it. He’s the only person I’ve ever known who loves animals more than me. Sad to say he’s hardened over the years, but his heart is still there.

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Hi. You’re welcome. Sorry for the long winded story. Lol. Take care. =)

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I do pretty good on Jeopardy, relativity.... Psh!

Are there any?

Nah...stupid works just fine for me