If GOD came down from the heavens and went directly to Washington and ran for president... Some people wouldn't vote for him just because he said he was god.. amirite?

My point, I think is..... even if god himself came down he still would have trouble convincing a two (multi) party system to get elected, right?

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exactly … but there is no way a specific god wins any election

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different interpretations sounds great and all...but half the world would think you were talking to a fraud

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it doesn't matter...just thinking out loud

The atheists would make sure he didn't win.

If the most moral, virtuous, upstanding person ran for POTUS, and that person's morals and virtues were based openly based on Judeo-Christian doctrine from OT and NT Scripture, and the person demonstrated that kind of life, and openly embraced, and encouraged (but not mandate) a faith-based life of repentance from sin as a fallen human being, the vilification that person would receive from the Progressive left and its Secular Humanist mass media would make Trump's vilification look like a sacrificial lovefest.

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After seeing Trump get elected I think a Martian could run and get it if he paid well enough

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