Does it matter what flavor the kool aid is if the end result is the same?
"He is dipping into the kool aid and he doesn't even know the flavor," C. booker to Biden during the dam debate.
Ask the followers of Jimmy Jones if the flavor of the kool aid mattered in the end. amirite?

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Exactly, in Guyana did the flavor matter in the end? Perhaps it is Booker who doesn't know how the drinking of the kool aid story ended. His statement made him look as if he didn't know the history of the kool aid comment.

All I know as a result of my perception of Booker and Biden conversing on the debate stage is that it was a young Progressive buffoon speaking to an old Progressive buffoon, surrounded by several more Progressive buffoons.

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You have laid things out very nicely.
I understand what drinking the kool aid reference is about and because of it I still have to ask if the flavor matters at all considering the end result.

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