Okay before I get obliterated I'm a woman too. I completely think that women have no reason to get privileges that men don't. There are exceptions of course, like if they're pregnant. However, if you are an able-bodied woman, trigger warning, you should man up and be a woman if you think women are so much better than men. How would you feel if you were taught to suppress your feelings during your childhood? I'm not saying women should be disrespected, however, I am saying that we should prove why we should be respected. amirite?

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It's sad how they fucked over women's heads, they used to be the beneficiaries of male effort, now they're forced to compete with men, sold a bill of goods, puffed up with bullshit about how great they are so they'd go off and be good little slaves to a system that doesn't care about them or anyone, a system we endured so they didn't have to. So now you have all these aging childless women, good education, good job, miserable as fuck. Shouldn't have taken the bait, should have stayed humble, it's a hard, unfeeling, scary world out there that used to be our problem, now it's their problem too.

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your lovely post enforces my beliefs that were all getting fucked over equally... we love seeing each side losing ground but in the end we will all have limited rights... rights isn't the right word ...it's more like our desires … we all think were getting more but in the end we want less and less

@unknowncondition your lovely post enforces my beliefs that were all getting fucked over equally... we love seeing each side losing...

but just because I like picking fights … I really think common core schooling is more effective in girls, maybe even tailored for them. I mean I haven't even learned yet what a girl really is … I mean, I know.. I think I know....what ..a . girl … is ???

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not me … I didn't decide any limits, or decide what responsibility is ... how many people actually decide how much employees get paid ..it's not a committee , your bosses job is to pay you just enough so either you have to come in or so that you want to come in tomorrow , your value is what decides that. I remember someone telling me I didn't get this job to make friends and it seemed like a very cutthroat thing for a 16 year old to say but it opened my eyes to all the work place bullshit and politics. I just hope any victorious woman don't forget these lost men going thru the same cycle.

respected authority doesn't need enforcement ~

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to me authority should be something that works internally like respect.. I used to have a problem with respect because I couldn't recognize someone deserving .. but now when I see it , it is easy to extend respect

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I know feeling undervalued made me step up at work … I was different from everyone and I wanted to prove that I belonged... I saw that spirit in your reply

if we can just figure out how to make men menstruate then we will finally be equal

If you think you’ll be obliterated then you likely haven’t thought your opinion through.