Play stupid games, win stupid prizes... amirite?

Since the wee hours of Wednesday the 9th of November 2016, the left has lashed out at anyone who supports President Trump, and even those who are simply not actively opposing him.

We have seen thousands of calls for Trumps assassination on social media, countless MAGA hats pulled or knocked off of people's heads, Republicans hounded out of restaurants, teenagers wrongfully demonized by the MSM, families living in fear of protestors showing up at people's houses and being threatened on and offline, people being heckled, belittled, deplatformed, having various liquids thrown on them, being doxed, and attacked with fists, sticks, a crowbar, and even nunchucks.

All that has resulted in little to no consequences. Few on the left condemn such actions. Maxine Waters even went so far as to call for people to get in people's faces anywhere and everywhere. CNN has actively supported and promoted Antifa violence.

Now I know that not all leftists condone such things. But factually, few speak out against them. The video is a leftist who admirably routinely calls out those on both sides of the aisle.