Adding the prefix "Shadow-" to any object makes it sound infinitely cooler. amirite?

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Shadow Vasectomy.

Shadow dad left to pick up smokes when I was four

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@kcrain Shadow dad left to pick up smokes when I was four

Ah, but if they were Shadow Smokes then it's probably understandable.

The hedgehog

fax - makes me think of desk job

shadowfax - lord of all horses

Shadow Teletubby

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shadow mirror

In Great Britian, there is a Shadow Cabinet that keeps watch over the House.

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Shadow Infinity

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Shadow popcorn
Shadow corgi
Shadow ring

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Shadow yeet

Shadow Green Lantern Sequel based on the Movie staring Ryan Reyonalds.

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Shadow Deez nuts on your chin or Deez nuts on your shadow chin?

Shadow. Rectum. Shadow-Rectum.
Damn. You're right!

Shadow shadow

@peetey5920 Shadow shadow

Damnit who invited shadow shadow?

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@Damnit who invited shadow shadow?

there's been a glitch in the matrix

Shadow divorce.

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Shadow condoms...Darkened for her pleasure.

Shadow Stevens

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