Most of us have special places in our neighborhood that makes it conveinient to live there. amirite?

I really liked my current location, close to a grocery, drugstore, full service gas station and neighborhood hardware store. Both the gas station and hardware store owners retired and nobody bought the business, so now there are 2 things I really needed gone. Time for me to move to the good side of town. ill smilie

Tell Me About Your Favorite Local BusinessToday I want to tell you about one of my favorite local businesses and I hope you tell me about one of yours in the comments of this post. When my children were little we cherished story hour trips to The Reading Reptile, a local community children’s bookstore. Visiting this funky little hippie owned place …https://ducttapemarketing.com/tell-me-about-your-favorite-local-business/
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Cedar, Wow living near a golf course must be nice, and expensive too :) I used to live near a golf course and would go there at night just to sit and feel that velvety grass.

Got a nice little convenience store,traditional butchers ,newsagent ,barbers and chippy at my local shopping precinct.

I've been lucky. I originally moved here because it's close to the university where I worked plus a great library, grocery stores, and restaurants. Now I'm retired and find that it's also very close to the senior center! a smilie

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