We all want a girlfriend but some of us are virgins who wouldn't even know what to do if we got 1, amirite?

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But what if she  doesn't know either...?   biggrin smilie

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You must have just hung out with the naughty ones. hehe smilie
I'm not saying they don't comprise 99%. biggrin smilie

Honestly man girlfriends have a little more to do than being a virgin but it all comes naturally

here is my advice on women... don't listen to advice it will confuse you

Virgin or not, most men don't know what to do with them anyway.

50% of the population is female

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Treat her like your best friend?

Everybody who ever got a girlfriend ever was a virgin beforehand and the learned to deal with it

Well considering you kiss white women's asses, I would hope you have experience

If Mormons kids can figure it out.... you'll be fine. 22 year old virgin... got married at 22.

There are books that give pointers on pleasuring.

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Just ask yourself...."Would an idiot do that?"

If an idiot would do it......don't do it.

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