There should be a law that says the battery in any electronic device must be removable without the use of any tools other than a commonly available screwdriver, and that spare parts and service manuals must be made available to the public. amirite?

Instead of employing people overseas to replace electronics that are broken, like smartphones and computers, we should encourage small business to repair them. Not only does it direct money into the grass roots economy by creating jobs in repair, it also retains money in the economy by reducing the amount of money people have to spend on foreign made goods.

It would also stimulate innovation, since companies won't be able to drive you into buying a new phone because the battery failed and is non-replaceable (yeah, they're doing that now), or the dealer tells you it's going to be very expensive to repair (looking at you, Apple), you have a right to a second opinion from an independent shop. Instead of that bullshit, they'll have to actually tempt you with something better if they want to sell you a new phone or computer.

Finally, it will help conserve resources and reduce waste, by not having to buy an entire phone or computer when only a small part is required.

So what do you think? Is this some commie bullshit and the free market should be able to do what it likes? Or is it the government's job to look out for the little guy and prevent companies from exploiting people?