In Las Vegas, NV, a new toll road should be built from the west end of Summerlin Pkwy, to Kyle Canyon Rd. through valleys further west. So that visitors of Mount Charleston and Kyle Canyon could travel 12 fewer miles to get there from Las Vegas and also so that people could hike through trails and through valleys and on mountains they never could before and have never seen, since they go way too far from the current nearest road. With a new such route, choices of where people would be able to go hiking would increase and include areas few have ever seen or been to. Good idea and profitable, amirite?

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who hikes in vegas ??

@unknowncondition who hikes in vegas ??

So many in fact, that there is even a group called Save Red Rock arguing that Red Rock Canyon remain rural and file a lawsuit against anyone who tries to progress development in the area.

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Because the Red Rock Scenic Route has been profitable, several times over. And at toll of $5 per vehicle, most visitors only stop at Red Rock Canyon, which is small in area compared to the entire 12.5-mile-long toll route. And they don't mind the long drive back from the end of the route, or the remaining distance that they have to drive after passing Red Rock Canyon before reaching the highway. Many visitors pay the toll just to go see the site, without hiking. Or just to see the entire site along the scenic loop. So the toll cost to use the new route I mentioned if built, could also be $5 per vehicle. It would not lead to Red Rock Canyon, but it would lead to new reachable hiking areas, including Little Red Rock, valleys and other mountains. And the number of tolls paid per year by visitors of Mount Charleston, who would rather spend $5 to take a shortcut through the new if-built Little Red Rock Scenic Loop, would be another major key factor in justifying the cost to build the road and the toll booth. 2 booths in fact, for visitors entering from what would be the west entry. Drivers would receive a day pass, so that they won't have to pay twice to use the route on the same day, if using the toll route both ways, on their way to- and from Mount Charleston. Many visitors would even go mountain-bike riding, dirt bike riding or on ATVs. Many visitors would even pay the toll just for the ride and a look at the site, even after they remember the geography. Others would be satisfied with just having new geographic sites. And compared to Red Rock Canyon, this new route would allow a greater list of choices where to hike near the road without having to hike for miles through flat trails across flat desert and then become too exhausted to hike on the mountains. Because there would be mountains off both sides of the road, less than 100 yards away. So with many choice options where to go or how to explore or enjoy, or just to use the route as a shortcut to Mount Charleston, and with a length of 9 miles, compared to the 12.5-mile-long Red Rock Canyon Scenic Loop, there should be no doubt that the toll route would be profitable.

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