It is selfish to have kids. Life is terrible and we need to die out in order to keep our own kind from this suffering in the world. Everyone dies, everyone suffers, chances are you are suffering from something while reading this and if not, brace yourself cause it's coming...maybe That's why I think its SELFISH to keep bringing children into this world all because we want companionship, and we want kids, to see what our kids look like and will become. Well guess what you did, you had a kid and subjected it to a world of pain, and suffering. Think of all the children in st judes right now, amirite?

The kids in st judes just want to play and be happy and healthy, and because of their parents they have to be here. When you bring a kid into this world they are going to get their hearts broke over and over again, one day they will lose you as their parents and they will be alone, and even if they have families, they will be alone. To survive is in the nature of all living things, but we are humans with brains and we are conscious enough to know better. It's not hard to look around at what this place really is, do you really want to bring an innocent life here? Do you really want to keep this human race thing going? I know people will look at this and say this guy needs help, but I would argue its those people that need help....help to open their eyes to see that disney land and flowers is not a reason to bring a life into this world. This place is cold, full of death and despair......I know a couple that had a kid and the kid got brain cancer and lived a TERRIBLE AND PAINFUL life.....its those parents faults, they will forever in my opinion have the blood and pain of that kid on their hands. That kid did not ask to be thrusted into this place and nor did I.

I encourage everyone to stop having kids, if you are thinking about it I encourage you to not do it. Its selfish. It's all because you dont want to be alone.....we all want someone at our deathbed side when we go but that's no reason to do this to another human life, theres no real reason to create another human life. Please stop. Please think of that kid ahead of time, and what this world is....dont bring someone else here please I beg you. I wish my parents had never met, I hate this world. I have lived a life of fear my whole life cause I knew it would end one day, and now I'm 30 years old and plagued with illness and I know my time is coming. My biggest wish has always been that I wasnt born and that hasn't changed, In fact the feeling got stronger. Dont subject another life to possibly feel the way I do, or to possibly end up in st judes. Dont sit there and tell yourself "oh well I cant think like that cause most likely that wont happen to my child"yes, most the time it doesnt happen......but something will, and one day that kid, like you, will die....and I dont care what anyone says dying is not peaceful, its terrifying. I know cause I've almost died twice, both times were as terrifying as I ever thought it would be. I drowned when i was 7, and i had a severe diabetic attack just a couple weeks ago and got rushed to the hospital ...theres nothing peaceful about facing death. Dont do it to someone else I beg you. The animals got it better than us cause they dont know they will die, they dont know things like we do, we know better, so we need to stop doing this to our own kind. Let's kiss this world goodbye and just die out, that's the biggest favor we can do for ourselves, and for this earth.