I don't know it is a drug company problem that people and their perscribers went wild on Oxycodone. amirite?

Now that company is going bankrupt and many will be out of work I place all the blame right on the users and nobody else. Yet as usual they want to sue probably if the druggies get any money they won't go to a recovery facility, they will go buy more drugs. Would be good if ALL seeking compensation MUST go to a treatment facility and be drug tested often before getting a penny

Pfizer's opioid painkiller can be manipulated for abuse: FDA - ReutersPfizer Inc's experimental long-acting opioid painkiller has some abuse-resi...https://www.reuters.com/article/us-pfizer-fda/pfizers-opioid-painkiller-can-be-manipulated-for-abuse-fda-idUSKCN0YS1P9
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Is it cost effective to pay some people to remain sober??? I think it can be. It's hard to feel sorry for the pharmaceuticals and I personally think the actions of some executives are criminal exploiting mostly American people. If so many people are dying then the regulation in place is failing.
They used to call marijuana the gateway drug ignoring the FACT you were fed BABY Tylenol

Um Pfizer isn't going bankrupt in fact they just took their Upjohn division and merged with Mylan the maker of the epi-pen. The deal closes sometime next year. They are expecting over 19 million in sales.

In fact, Pfizer has been buying up small pharmaceutical companies since your article was written. Something from 2016 is really out of date.

Opioids have been an issue since 1991. It's not the fault of big pharma. A big part of the blame lies on the greedy docs that prescribed illegally.

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