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Let me be clear- I'm not saying the Statue of Liberty is gonna end up frozen, under water. I'm just saying there is a lot in common with theses drastic weather changes and repetitive devastating storms. This is a undeniable change in our climate, and at some point we have to acknowledge it and be worried!

I can't think 6 hours ahead 2 days is such a stretch

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You're right my parents and my grandparents haven't but my great grandparents did. My great grandfather was a weather hobbist living in Florida, while it's true he didn't have the equipment we do. he did write down what the weather was everyday and used a red ribbon to mark extreme weather. I have several of his weather journals (as I am working on restoring them) and at least for Florida it seems to be following along with what he observed.

Yeah, I don't think this is actually true. 24 hour global coverage makes it seem that way, but I don't think there's an excessive amount of natural disasters compared to other periods.

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Our atmosphere is putting us in our place.