Joe Biden would get his ass kicked by Trump, amirite?

I don't see how Biden is still the front runner in polls. If Biden wins the primary democrats deserve another 4 years of Trump. He's Hillary in pinstripes.
The one who can kick Trumps ass and would be the best president we've had in decades is Bernie Sanders.
He's the only one, THE ONLY ONE, who doesn't and won't take corporate money and he has no skeletons to exploit.
He's one of the few who pays his interns and the only one with "unionized" interns . He's been consistently on the right side of virtually every issue for 4 decades.
Some say he's too old. I say that even if he were to die in office the people he would be surrounded by would, unlike the current admin, be capable of doing the job.

I seriously hope this country wakes up in time or we are screwed.