It's quite likely the first human to live forever or the last human to exist has already been born. amirite?

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Prove it.

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@TheLucidMan Prove it.

There's a couple of countries with life expectancies over 83 years (Japan, Singapore, Switzerland). That puts the people born right now in those countries at around 2102 AD when they die. Given thats just the median deathdate for babies in these countries, I think there's some probability with the rate of increase of medical life extension and factors like increasingly dividing social classes that either humanity will find a cure for aging or die before that date. It's quite possible that a couple babies born nowadays will be alive well into the 2150s just as a sidenote.

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@TheLucidMan Prove it.

Aite lemme just get those nuke codes

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Could be the same person.

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