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Eliminating the insects, increases your odds of a better incarnation.

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@OopsThatIsMine Eliminating the insects, increases your odds of a better incarnation.

And would end life all on Earth with it. They do most the pollinating, matter breakdown, and everything else lol.

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I kill roaches and flies, but not moths I feel bad for them, imagine having 24 hours to go to college find a job get married and have kids

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See but when I die all memory of me will be erased. So reincarnation makes no sense. Just more magical beliefs. This human body gave me me, not some past life. It's all so stupid am sick of idiot death beliefs. But if people want to believe they're magic oh well I am far from perfect..

If I am incarnated as a spider, I don't mind dying

But if you drop kicked a fly and died in the process, surely the odds are a little better

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Is it a bad thing or a good thing to come back as an endangered species? Did I live a bad or good life if I was a Siberian tiger?

I remember everything I do it. We're outnumbered.

ticks and mosquitoes are the only living creatures i will not hesitate in killing

But then the lifespan of an insect is a lot shorter so it'll even itself out.

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This assume that reincarnation is possible for all life, nothing says reincarnation can't be just for human beings.

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You don’t have to be reincarnated on Earth. There are many millions of of other beings in the universe on other planets, in other dimensions...

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