The older Greta Thunberg gets, the more of a hero she will become regarded as, amirite?

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She's fake af

What makes her so special? There are a million kids who would happily shoot their mouths off about climate change, why are they putting that one on a pedestal? The whole thing reeks of bullshit to me.

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Hell? Seriously? Okay, the homelessness problem is real, but the worst areas have been run by the Dems for years, if vote vote voting for them was the solution, why haven't they fixed the problem?

If you look at Sweden, Funberg's home country, the biggest danger Swedes face in their immediate environment is the crime created by the lax immigration and law enforcement policies of their left wing feminist government.

Pollution controls are all well and good, but CO2 is a distraction from the actual problems Western society is facing. Sadly I see no solutions to those problems being offered by the left, only by the pieces of shit Republicans you're fortunate enough to have speaking for you.


Apparently she has a voice.
She just doesn't use it very wisely.

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Probably, she is very significant

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a hero for what? being a peon for her abusive parents? corrupt UN? SOROS?

The little girl has been ruined by Progressivism and its deceptive, yet obviously successful (at least for her) social engineering strategies...
So sad and disgraceful.

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