we microchip our pets for if they get lost, but not our kids, amirite?

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yeah because kids can actually say what their name is

@rabbitrecycle yeah because kids can actually say what their name is

what if they are found unconscious, a microchip also has details of who to contact

There are many things in conflict here...
First the chip is on a place wjere it cant damage the animal.
On kids that grown imensly that wouldnt be possibly without the chip shifting to someqhere dangerous. Also the chip is used incase a competent facility gets theyr hands on the animal so they scan him and contact the owners cuz animals cant easily be found, babies they are very noticable and would probably be found in the first 5mins of theyr trip, also there are identifing tags that u can buy for ur baby just in case

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That's because we still see pets as property.

Thats like saying we put our pets on leashes, but not our kids. Oh wait...

Because kids deserve privacy

Oh hell no! I've seen this episode of black mirror.

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