just like media is trying their level best to egg on a violent attacl over the move "the joker" now in Canada media is trying hard to egg on violence over our upcoming election, amirite?

there is no threat of violence, though liberals are egging it on because it is THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN WIN AGAIN, they desperately need a distraction for all the corruption of their party, their scandals, Trudeau's blatant racism (look up trudeau blackface),

hate and racism IS NOT AN ACTUAL ISSUE IN CANADA, are there racists? yes most of them are in the liberal party. hate? see how trudeau and liberals treat people who disagree,

but liberals REALLY REALLY want someone to shoot a "refugee" its the ONLY reason i can see why they are pushing this news. then they can feel all empowered and say "see we where right conservatives BAD, do not vote for them"

and i love what the NDP leader said in this article, i'm sure he is well aware of hate, considering HE IS A TERRORIST!!!! yes thats right, he is not allowed in INDIA for ties with terrorism

The RCMP are compiling daily threat reports on online hate targeting the federal political leaders during this election campaign, fearing it could spill over into real-world violence, sources tell CBC News. One of their main concerns is anti-immigration online chatter.https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/rcmp-violence-campaign-1.5305905
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