if car insurance companies charge you by your rick factors that they decide don't they have motivation to skew towards calling safe drivers risky , amirite?

these soulless beings will even use credit score against you

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I would happily take a driving skills class where I am ranked against other driving skills but that would take too many incapable drivers off the road.

if government didn;t make it law to have insurance, insurance would be affordable and most people would still have insurance. they can charge what they want, say what they want and make it as unfair as they want because it is law, people will bow to the government and get insurance to drive, even if it was 10,000 a year people would pay it because they'd have no choice but to pay that, no law would mean if a company tries to rip you off, you can switch or go to none, which means no business no business means bankruptcy, bankruptcy would mean competition to keep prices affordable

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