This is how the media is Incredibly biased against Bernie Sanders
The only rational choice in 2020, amirite?

If you really want change for the better Bernie is the guy. He's been walking the walk with the same message for 40 years and he's so clean he squeaks.
That's why he gets slammed by republicans, corporate democrats and the, supposedly, liberal media.
He gets pounded by everyone fighting to maintain the status quo.
He's been fighting for working people his entire life and he's virtually un-corruptible.

That's why he has far more individual donors than the other top 2 combined yet the media rarely mentions it and slams him with total disdain. The have nothing to really slam him with so they attack how he looks, his voice, his age or some other meaningless BS like "he makes my skin crawl. I don't know why"
I know why. Because if you didn't say stupid shit like that you'd be gone and you'd rather have the money than integrity.

He just raised $25 million with avg. donor giving $18 and zero billionaire donations. He also doesn't take PAC money
He's not on anybody's string except the average Americans he has fought for his entire life.
He doesn't do fund raisers or bank speeches. He pays his interns and they have a union. He's already released 10 yrs. of tax returns. Something Trump will never do, at least, not willingly.

Don't let the establishment convince you his ideas are pie-in-the-sky. They're not
and Bernie knows how to get things done. Who do you think got Amazon to raise their minimum wage?
Not an easy feat.

I really hope this country wakes up and doesn't blow an opportunity to have a real president.