In the (U.S.) Justice System, in asking if a witness will tell the truth, the portion of the question- "Do you swear to tell the truth-" should be changed to "Do you promise to tell the truth-". Since most believers, myself included, believe that swearing is a sin. amirite?

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Swearing on the bible has nothing to do with religion , obviously a criminal would not respect gods word and lie over it. so what a judge is really doing is seeing your reaction to the authority of god. You either appear over confident or nervous to the judge when you place your hand on the bible. it is especially telling when a known non-religious person is quick to swear on a bible when in other circumstance they would protest it's presence

As far as I know, in court you can 'solemnly affirm' rather than 'swear' you will tell the truth, etc., if you wish.

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